May day

It was the first of May and the tree peonies were blooming. Just a few days ago, the buds were still closed. After two sunny days, all flowers popped open.

Bees love the tree peony flowers. Several pushed at once through the petals to reach the pollen on the inside. Other bees were interested in Barbara’s kale flowers. I wonder how many people know that kale and other cabbages are actually perennials: if one does not pull them out in fall, they grow fresh tender leaves and lovely yellow flowers in spring. These flowers provide much needed sustenance for insects that are just coming out of hibernation. Here, the flowers were visited by honeybees. However, bumblebees and carpenter bees were also out and about (and a bit camera shy) on this beautiful day.

For the enjoyment of us humans (rather than bees), the garden also offered tulips, Japanese lilac and last of the daffodils.

The next day started with a thunderstorm that produced thunderclaps loud enough to wake us up all over the city. The accompanying rain was much needed after a week of dry and very windy weather. Too bad that this was also the end of the tree-peony show. However, soon, the roses will be blooming. Their buds are already swelling mightily. If it warms up, we may see the first flowers as early as next weekend.