Art in the garden and columbines

May is when our garden is probably the most beautiful. New gorgeous flowers open in rapid succession. The pink tree peonies are done, but now our yellow Itoh peony and the first irises are blooming.

However, mid May really belongs to the columbines. They show their graceful flowers all over our garden. Where they grow is their own choice. Columbines self-seed readily. Therefore, they come in many different colors from dark blue to light pink and white. In addition one can find the red-and-yellow flowers of the native Eastern red columbine Aquilegia canadensis.

The gate is now open every day, including on weekday evenings, and we have many visitors. Some people come in to look at the flowers or to enjoy an ice cream on the patio (excellent ice cream parlors are nearby). Other visitors bring the tools of their art: Recently, a musician played the violin under our rose arbor, and a painter brought her water color set to draw a portrait of a pansy on the patio.

Our member Sara also made a fun little piece of art for the garden. Yesterday afternoon, her movable sculpture of a flying duck was installed in the crab apple tree.

There is something new to see every day!