Apple tree needed pruning

Last week, we noticed that one big branch of our apple tree had suddenly gone dry. There were still apples on it, but clearly, this branch was dead. It was hanging over the sidewalk and was too high for us to reach it with our small ladder or the pole pruner (I know, I tried). We worried that the branch might break during the next thunderstorm with strong winds. Something had to happen.IMG_0839

Barbara contacted our GreenThumb outreach coordinator Anthony who immediately notified the Parks Department. Sara sent photos of the tree on Thursday, and on Friday, a crew arrived with saws and ladders and a lot of expertise.

IMG_0849  IMG_0856

They worked from 8:30 am until 1 pm and pruned not only the apple tree but also the crab apple tree and even the honey locust above our bee hive.

IMG_0857 IMG_0863

All trees will be so much happier after this healing treatment. We are very grateful for the great job that this fantastic crew did for us. There are still plenty of apples on the tree and we are looking forward to harvesting them in October. (All photos by Sara Jones.)