LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival (part 1)

It has been a while since the last post on this website. During summer the garden needed a lot of attention and there was little time to sit at a computer (lame excuse, I know…). I will try to recap what has happened.

lungshaf2016_poster_2-643x1024Let me begin with a fabulous event last weekend: We participated in the the 5th annual LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival.

The highlight on Saturday was the creation of a collaborative poem about our apple tree. 21 children and adults, visitors and gardeners contributed. The result is really fun:

I’m watching little apples
in the big apple.

So much room to grow,
yet cluster together tightly,
weighing down each other.

If trees are a high form of consciousness,
apple trees are nirvana.

These trees remind me
of my grandparents’ old house
when I was growing up.

Decei20150804_182643ving but delicious,
the apples give the tree life

The apple tree, stately, elegant, a palace,
too bad they had to name it “Malus”

The fruit of this tree
is so enticing
that people cannot bear
to leave it on the branch to ripen

Green apples
Tumbling in space
for Fall

 Apple trees, the best thing to see in a garden
Apple trees, apple trees,
there’s no better fruit to eat
besides apples from the apple tree,
Apples are small, apples are big,
the only place to get an apple
is from an apple tree

Apple juice, apple cider,
Apples make your day brighter

Zinnias, roses, dahlias
I see birds are chatting in the apple tree

Sweet sap, apple tree
Oh my, buzzing bees taste them
Oh rooted
apple tree
sweet juice nourishing
the darkened seeds

Oh Apple Tree
Oh Apple Tree
You beckoned us here
Green orbs of tart tenderness
Your promise is near
Crisp air and cool breezes
will quicken your affair
Oh Apple Tree
Oh Apple Tree
Thank you
and take good care

The apple tree has the color
of the blood the Lord has sacrificed
Therefore we should praise the Lord
for the greatest beauty of a tree,
from the veins of Mother Earth

Drip Drop
Dripping sweets
Growing tender, shining on the tip
Fall is coming, air is cold
Look at those jewels, sweet jewels
Crunchy, juicy, earthy … my apple tree

Oh, towering mother of juicy green —
may children climb within your leaves–
and share the bounteous verdant limbs —
to shed your fruit to earth again

Surviving blistering heat and brutal cold,
come October, and a miracle occurs.
This faithful tree of ours delivers

Apples are ripened
and I’m ready for apples

An apple a day keeps
the doctor away — beautiful tree

Green apples — almost ripe,
almost ready

A famous tree once grew in Brooklyn,
You may know it from your school’s book bin.
This tree of our own
is much less well known.
But its fruit are a lot better lookin’.
(and are good for eating and cookin’)