What a difference a day makes

At this time of the year, the garden changes so quickly that it is difficult to catch up. Almost over night, the crap apple tree is in bloom. The tree peony buds are showing color and the first irises are about to open.

Apple blossoms on a perfect, cloudless afternoon. The bourbon roses have buds already.

The garden is now really colorful. One highlight of this time is the Japanese Kerria with its sunny yellow flowers. And then there are tulips.

Tulips and Kerria

These tulips are almost too red for the digital camera.

This color combination is really interesting.

Less bright but no less showy and also true Americans are trout lilies or dogtooth violets (Erythronium americanum). One of our garden plots has a very nice stand that grows thicker every year. I just learned that the wild trout lily colonies in forests can be hundreds of years old; these plants are here to stay!

Trout lilies

We will get summer-like weather on the next few days. Who can should visit now to see these flowers. Soon, they will be gone and replaced by iris and peonies.