Earth Day Week

Last Saturday was Earth Day. Like last year, first grade students from the Little Red Schoolhouse prepared some special art for Earth Day to be displayed on the fence of our garden. We hope that this will be tradition.

First graders are hanging their art

The paintings are delightful

Last weekend, the garden still looked like early spring. Daffodils are blooming of course and there are grape hyacinths anemones and tulips. But the trees had barely leaves and it became quite chilly in the evening.

Some of our many daffodils

Lung wort, grape hyacinths a species tulip and anemones

The trees are still bare but the rose bushes and raspberry plants have grown fresh green leaves. Gardeners keep warm by working the soil.

One other important thing happened this week: A delegation of the Parks Department visited the garden to discuss our new fence that was funded by Council Member Margaret Chin last year. It will still be a while until the fence can be installed. More planning, procurement and scheduling needs to happen. But this project is moving forward!

And we have a special guest or even resident in our garden: a robin with a very unusual plumage. This bird is leucistic, which means that some part of his body doesn’t make any pigment. He therefore has many perfectly white feathers.

The piebald robin

Over the week, it got a bit warmer. We’ll see how things changed during this time. Stay tuned.

Bleeding heart