First snow of the year

The year was not yet a week old when we got the first serious snow in New York. It was light and fluffy snow that transformed the garden into a fairyland.


3 inches at least


light and fluffy















While the garden is sleeping under its white blanket, we need to get to work with the shovels. The sidewalk along the garden needs to be cleared of snow to comply with NYC law and to make it safe for our neighbors.


the snow-team of week one 2017

Now, just a few days later, most of the snow is gone and the forecast promises near 60ºF for the next days. But the winter is not yet over.


Fairytale garden (with the art of Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg)

I would like to use this opportunity to wish all of our friends and visitors and all gardeners a happy and peaceful year 2017!