Vertical gardening

New York has a lot to offer to its citizens, except for one thing: space. This is true for the subway, for those “cozy” apartments, and for gardens, too. But some New Yorkers are resourceful. If there is not enough horizontal space, one can go vertical!

This is what Sarah has done for the last two years to get more gardening space: A wooden pallet, set on its side, lined with plastic and filled with potting soil is her garden. She plants flowers and herbs through holes in the plastic. This works particularly well with hanging plants, and for this year, she chose colorful coral bells.

Sarah and Susan are preparing this year’s vertical garden

The plants can be watered through the holes and from above. In the past Sarah has tried to plant both sides of the pallet, but the back gets almost no sunlight, and even shade tolerant plants became unhappy. The ones on the sunny side were growing well, though, as seen on this photo from July 2015. Pretty ingenious, right?

Sarah’s vertical garden in 2015 (Foto: Hubert Steed).