Today is the first day of spring. That is what the calendar tells us. But it is still cold and tomorrow, we are expecting yet another snow storm – really! There were 4 of them over the last 3 weeks. New York City was mostly spared, it rained and sleeted here more than it snowed.

Flowers, gardeners and bees were not deterred. We did some spring cleaning, pruned most of the roses and took care of the bees. The bees resumed their house cleaning and began to collect fresh pollen for the next generation.

Helleborus flower in several colors from green over white to dark purple. Here a cream-colored and pink specimen

Now, the bees find pollen and nectar on winter aconites and crocus flowers

A few weeks ago, Sara took a look into the hive. She was happy to see that the bees are doing well and the colony is strong.

Iris reticulata

We will see what tomorrow brings. There is no question, winter will be over at some point.


This time, we did get snow and quite a bit, too. However, it all melted away in the course of the next day.

The garden in the evening of March 21. But better snow than deep frost like last year.


The Helleborus did not mind the snow.