It is May and time for our annual Rose Walk!

LaGuardia Corner Gardens is a proud owner of more than 50 different rose varieties. There are species roses, old garden roses, classic hybrid tea roses and some new varieties that were released just recently. We have miniature roses, small and large shrub roses, English roses, climbing roses and more.

At this time of the year, we mark our roses with colorful labels so that everybody can learn their names. We also composed a guide that leads visitors on a tour around the garden to view the roses.

At the moment, some roses are still in bud, but the earlier varieties are already open. Things will change daily now, especially since we are having a mid-May heat wave with temperatures around 90ºF. This should be over on the weekend, though. We will get a few perfect days for a stroll through the garden.


Here are the some pictures of the roses that are currently in bloom:

Stanwell Perpetual and Zephirine Drouhin

Pink Meidiland and the double Rosa rugosa

Oso Happy Smoothy Pink and our Canary Island Damask