November blooms

It is already mid November but we are having warm and sunny days. It’s not yet time for the garden to hibernate. Some roses are still blooming. And the wild clematis (Clematis vitalba) is actually only now putting out its white flowers.


From top left: “The Prince” rose in the North Garden, “Simplicity” is one of the sturdiest roses in our garden, Clematis vitalba, and Charles Mallerin.

On a walk around the garden yesterday morning, I saw many other plants that are not ready for winter. Some are putting out a second bloom, as a matter of fact.


Lavender in the morning light


Chrysanthemum with honey locust leaf


A variety of Clematis viticella


some late Rudebeckia flowers


Our Fuchsia likes this time of the year better than the hot summer days.


Here, seen from top left: Verbena bonariensis (a plant that self seeds happily and comes up where it likes it best), the native wild flower white snakeroot (Eupartorium rugosum), a last Nasturtium flower, toad lilies (Tricyrtis hirta), a late fall sunflower, Arbutilon, passion flower, and fall asters in the middle.

The garden is now closed for the season, but if you come by and the gate is open, come in. There is still a lot to see.