Mid May: ready, steady, bloom!

May is our most spectacular month. In fast succession, irises, peonies and roses are opening their buds. We had some nice rain and it will get warm, so be ready for the show! Some migratory birds are stopping by, too. I saw a common yellowthroat this morning.

Here are some impressions from the last days:

Iris buds have opened

Irises for all tastes: simple in shape and color or frilly and opulent or “unusual”.

Look in the smaller North Garden for this gorgeous Rhododendron, and all over the garden for the last of the bluebells.

The peony buds are ready to pop open. Something on the outside of these buds must be irresistible to insects. There are almost always ants on them, sometimes flies, and here a large wasp that was probably on a hunting trip.

Every day, something new is coming up now. Who can should visit this month!
The best time to be in the garden, by the way, is in the evening and on weekends. There is a rather noisy construction site right next door, lest we forget that our little oasis is in the middle of New York City.