Make Music in the rain

Last Tuesday was the summer solstice. All over the world, this day means music in public spaces. In Europe, the event is called “la fête de la musique”. Here, it is “Make Music New York”. Our garden participates regularly. We usually invite our favorite band, the Nevermind Orchestra. This year, we had also scheduled a performance by Wesley Coll, a Brazilian guitarist and songwriter.

The last days had perfect weather, but just as our performances were about to start, it began to rain. First, there were just a few sprinkles. Wesley was able to play, albeit for a very small audience. Then it really rained. What to do? The musicians of the Nevermind Orchestra had already arrived. They took shelter in a nearby bar and waited. They love to play together and didn’t want to give up as yet. After about one hour, it cleared up a bit. Fortunately, most of the instruments of this brass band are water resistant. Thus, the decision was made to go ahead and hope for the best.

As always, the fun, music of the band quickly drew a small crowd of listeners. Some neighbors came out of their apartments once they heard the first few Nirvana songs (the specialty of the Nevermind Orchestra). The drizzle returned, umbrellas were opened, but the band played until it got dark on the longest day of the year.

We decided to invite all musicians for another concert later in the year when it will hopefully be dry.